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My Books

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Misfit's Magic: The Last Halloween

Goff was chosen thirteen generations ago to fight an epic magical battle he can’t possibly win—and he doesn’t even know magic is real. When a spellcasting experiment for a school paper goes awry, Goff’s destiny is engaged, and he becomes the mortal enemy of Harkland Mathers XIII, the most powerful dark wizard in centuries. Clueless and racing against time, Goff and his friends must find a way to stop Mathers from performing an ancient ritual on Halloween night that will make him invincible, or Halloween will be the last night of freedom the world ever knows. 

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Misfit's Magic: Shades of Winter

Coming Spring 2023: The gang is all back in a new adventure where Goff must face the dark side of the magical realm to stop a new coven of wizards and witches from resurrecting a maniacal monster. 

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Max and the Moon Spirit

Coming Fall 2023: A boy with no past must discover his history to save the future. 

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