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Reviews of Misfit's Magic: Shades of Winter


Editor's Pick, BookLife
by Publishers Weekly 2023

Readers' Favorite 5x
Five-star Review Recipient


“This buoyant fantasy sequel, the followup to the memorable The Last Halloween, blends the fun, camaraderie, mysteries, and tension of magic and boarding school settings with chatty gargoyles and inspiration drawn from Arthurian legend...offers the exciting thrill ride full of intrigue and mystery that readers hope for from the genre…Continually inventive, this fast-paced, action-packed sequel will keep young readers entertained until a satisfying conclusion…”


“...a mighty sequel that keeps you engaged from start to finish with its rich world-building and compelling storytelling...filled with unexpected twists and moves at a pace where there’s never a dull moment…I would highly recommend it to fantasy fans everywhere.”

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