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Misfit's Magic: The Last Halloween

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Children's / Young Adult Audiobook 2023

My Story

      I grew up in Pennsylvania in the sixties/seventies/eighties and now reside just outside Boston Massachusetts. After attending six different colleges and studying many different subjects (art, electronics, computer science, psychology), I earned a B.S. in Psychology from Framingham State University and later in life, an M.A. in Human Relations, Specializing in Holistic Counseling Psychology, from Lesley University (psychology is one of my passions).

        I discovered my love for writing and storytelling as I read books to my children. On a whim, I started telling them ad-hoc stories, and that lead to me writing premeditated ones (they liked those better). I work as a software engineer, which I love, but there are few things I love as much as sitting down to craft language and bring my characters and their world to life.


My Books

Misfit's Magic: 

The Last Halloween

Coming Spring 2023

Misfit's Magic

Shades of Winter

Coming Fall 2023

Moon Spirit

My Books

Gracely ensures the story never slows, with constant action and new developments hidden around every corner.

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